Getting Started with Professional Web Design

We're excited to start building you an awesome website. So we'd like to introduce a tool that helps us communicate and hand off resources. You can use the Project Management tool for lots of things, from checking your messages with us to sending files (like that perfect picture you just snapped on your phone).

If you have a specific question, here are the big-picture topics we're going to cover:

  • Starting Your Project
  • Requesting Site Updates
  • Viewing or Sending Messages
  • Viewing or Sending Files

You get notifications via the Design manager if we need additional information from you, or just want to check in. When we're ready for you to review a design concept, you can access it through the Design Manager. That way, you can view the design and easily submit your approval or comments.

Starting Your Project

We're thrilled to get started on your site. We just need some information from you (the boss) to let us know what we're putting in your site and how it should look. You'll use the Project Management tool to hand off text, images, pick your template and leave us notes. Once you get used to it, the Design Manager is pretty cool.

Simply log into your Bamboozle Client Area, click on Services and "My Projects" - this will bring you directly to your Web Design Overview. We normally populate the tool with the key tasks, actions and timelines, so you can see the next steps with a single view.

In the tool you can upload all images and other files you want us to use for the site. We also share everything we do directly in the tool so you always know the status of the website.
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